Dear PRIM Members,
The laboratory equipment at PRIM building would be opened for use by all members at only a very small fee.  Those wishing to test their compounds can contact the secretariat to arrange for the tests.

We would also be setting up a consultancy service, PRIM CONSULT, so that those who wish to get advice, troubleshoot or investigate their products/processes can do so by engaging one of our panel consultants.

A workshop /brainstorming on setting up of PRIM CONSULT would be held
DATE: 11th May 2019TIME: 2.30 pmVENUE: Lee Foundation Hall, PRIM BuildingFACILITATOR: Mr. Thomas Chin

Mr. Thomas Chin has been instrumental in setting up of MSA Consult and would be available to share his experience in this venture.

Those who wish to become consultants under the umbrella of PRIM CONSULT, are encouraged to attend.

Workshop/ Briefing (For Members Only)Experience with setting up MSA Consult” by Thomas Chin, Fellow Member Malaysia Scientific Association (FMSA), Lead Auditor/ Lead Tutor CASCO Assessment & Training Services.

Mr Thomas Chin of MSA Consult will give a talk on his experience in setting up MSA Consult, how it works and lessons for PRIM Members. He will brainstorm with us on direction for PRIM and how we can make opening up our lab facilities help industry.

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